Minhwa Workshop at Won Dharma Center


Last weekend I had my solo exhibition at Won Dharma Center as part of their annual program "ONE FAMILY, ONE WORLD" and conducted a Minhwa workshop for public

The visually impaired students of the English Access Microscholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, enjoyed painting the minhwa tiger last week"

유우머와 의미가 있는 민화 까치 호랑이는 시각 장애가 있는 학생들에게 부담없이 그릴수있고 즐길수있는 인기있는 그림이었어요🍎🌸

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유진 이민향 한복

Last week I conducted a Min-Hwa workshop with local artists and exhibited my work at the Star Art Space in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I really appreciated their hard work and effort !!❤️

중앙 아시아에 위치한 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 에 있는 Star Art Space 에서 그림 전시를 마치고 이곳에서 활동하는 작가들과 함께 모여 한국 민화 워크숍을 했습니다. 모두들 열심히 그리는 모습에 흐뭇... 🌺
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Talk about Korean culture

As a part of a mission from KACAF (Korean-American Cultural Arts Foundation) USA, I had a chance to give a talk about Korean culture and art in Kyrgyzstan last week. Since "Korean Wave" is sweeping over here, Central Asia as well, everyone was interested in learning and talking about K-Pop, K-Dramas, and Korean costumes.

한미문화예술재단USA 일원으로 중앙아시아에서 우리의 문화 알리는 수업이 있었습니다. 한류에 힘입어 드라마, 노래, 의상 등등 관심과 질문사항이 많았던 즐거운 워크숍이였어요 🌺

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Bayalinov Library
유진 이민향 한복

I am pleased to announce that there is going to be a public Minhwa workshop, followed by my exhibition at the Star Art Space Art Residency in Kyrgyzstan.

The imageries such as peony, and tiger are well-known subject matters of Korean folk painting. It's a pleasure to know that people in Central Asia also find them interesting.